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Track Brand Mentions on Twitch

Endorse uses speech-to-text and chat analysis to provide insights on how streamers and viewers are talking about your brand.

Trusted by Top Brands & Teams

Why Endorse

Tap Into the Conversation

Get smart on how your brand is being talked about on Twitch. Understand what streamers are saying and how viewers are reacting.

Clips and transcripts of all verbal brand mentions

Twitch chat response to verbal brand mentions

Keyword search through transcript and chat data to quickly identify patterns

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Automate Deliverables Tracking

Focus on strategy, not execution. Automatically receive proof of promotion instead of watching streams or pinging streamers for clips.

Dashboard to monitor Twitch deliverables across all of your streamers

Export to CSV for quick reporting

Google Analytics integration to compare clickthrough rate across streamer brand mentions

Optimize Your Messaging

Twitch is a unique audience. Understand what's working and what's not.

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